Tarini’s Hair Transplant Center-Dr Harsh

Hair transplantation is surgical technique in which good hair bearing scalp’s narrow strip is removed from the back side of the head and used it to fill thin or less hair area.
Hair Transplant Process starts with cleaning the scalp, than local anesthesia is used to numb that area where a strip of scalp will be removed approx 3 to 4 inch. After removing of strip of scalp with a scalpel takes place than the surgeon sews the scalp after setting it a side . Hair around the treated area immediately covers it.
After this, the surgeon divides removed scalp strip into 600 to 2,500 grafts which contain an individual healthy hair. The graft’s number and type used depends on the type, quality, and color of hair including the area’s size where it will be transplanted.
After preparing the grafts, the surgeon again cleans the area where the hair will be placed and numbs it using anesthesia. After this holes or slits are created with the help of a scalpel or needle, and then the surgeon delicately places each and every graft in scalp’s holes.
This procedure takes at least four to seven hours depending on the extent of the procedure. If the person continues to feel hair loss or if he decided to take thicker hair than additional sessions can be taken by him/her.


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