Hair transplant is a gift of technology to the people in modern times. Earlier loss of hair and baldness was an expected event after certain age. But now with persistent efforts of the scientists, surgeons and doctors; there are various techniques to recover your hair loss.

At Tarinis  hair transplant center we deliver what we promise, unlike many other hair transplant centers We em-pathetically feel for your problem and promise to deliver life changing results. Now you can regain your youthful and refreshing looks. For us a satisfied customer is the ultimate satisfaction. Almost all our customers can vouch for our hospitality, care and personal attention to every individual.

We entered  the market with our latest 3rd generation hair transplant techniques. We not only guarantee our results but also promise to make hair transplant affordable and a low cost affair for you. Not only this, our transplant procedure leaves no scar, no pain, no stitches and no blood. This revolutionary natural hair restoration technique offers hair regrowth in very short time. This technique is called as FEATHER TOUCH TECHNOLOGY.

Dr. Harsh Kumar and his team take pride in giving personal counseling sessions to inform the patient about every possible details of the procedure. A well informed patient is better positioned to make the most pragmatic choice. We offer different treatment procedures as per the suitability, need and choice of the patient. Therefore we recommend all the patients, looking forward to hair treatment to consult us once on E-mail or phone number or a private consultation.

Tarini Clinic

Tarini Hair Transplant in Chandigarh

Hair Transplant Clinic in Chandigarh

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