Hair Transplant Faq - Chandigarh


Q-How does Hair Transplant Treatment Work?

A- Hair Transplantation is relocating/ transplanting healthy hair follicles from the back or sides of the head to the balding areas of the head. Hair Transplant Treatment is a permanent solution to hair problems because transplanted hair follicles taken from the sides of the back are resistant to baldness.

Q-Will my transplanted hair looks natural or not?

A- Hair Transplantation should be done by specialist surgeon. Your Hair stylist will not be able to know about your hair transplant when done right.

Q-Does Hair Transplant surgery hurts a lot?

A- Surgery does hurt but patients were given local anesthesia in both donor and recipient bladed area. Some patients may feel some numbness, soreness or discomfort. Otherwise the whole procedure is pleasantly away from discomfort for most of the patients. You should be healthy for hair transplant surgery.

Q-How long Hair transplant surgery will take?

A- Session of 1,500 to 35,000 grafts generally takes a full day. Some Patients come in the morning and get their surgery done by afternoon.

Q-What is Surgery’s Healing Time?

A- Today microscopic hair transplant techniques are used brings fast healing results. Some numbness or mild pain is common but patients feel fine within 3-4 days and get back to his/her work.

Q-Can we shave Our Hair and then Come for the Treatment?

A- Basically the hair is shaved in the clinic so that the surgeon could have a visual idea of how much light and shadow plays on the scalp when the hair is long. In this way the surgeon will be able to strategically position the grafted hair for optimal utilization.

Q-Some Hair Transplant Clinics told that They do DHT. Means 5 minutes time for Out of Body Grafts as Compared to Ours 3 hours. Is this Technique Better?

A-You can use this technique if body time is more important that good hair growth. Better than this technique you should let your grafts remain there where they are.

Q-Some Doctors Claim that Only 900 FUE Grafts can be Harvested for good Growth in a day. How did they say so?

A- Being time consuming, manual harvest means yields lesser grafts. But an average of 3500 grafts a day should be needed for good results. Don’t leap in faith blindly.

Q-Tell me the Survival rate of Hair Grafts?

A- Whether take from scalp or from body Grafts Survives at the rate of 95%, only if planted with care in harvesting storage. For impatient patients Rate of appearance of the result should be the concern not the survival grafts. Scalp hair has the growth cycle of 6 months unlike the 18 to 25 months growth cycle of body hair.

Q-Every Hair Transplant Treatment leave Scars. Is it right?

A- It’s a kind of an obvious thing when we ingress some sharp object howsoever small will leave a scar. When hair grows to the even size than scars are not truly visible. FUT hair transplant technique leaves very linear scars.

Q-What Does Hair Falls out Mean? Does the Grafts falls out too?

A- After hair transplant surgery, when hair seems to grow and then falls between 4 to 6 weeks period. This is because the grafted roots begun to grow. The new hair starts growing and pushing the old hair out. This thing happens to almost every patient except few subsets of fortunate ones .When grafted hair starts growing than within one year of the surgery, most of the results were set out.

Q-Why there is big NO to woolen cap till 5 months after the hair transplant surgery?

A- Woolen thread creates static electricity when rubbed with your head make you bald again, this time very fast. Moreover, the electric charge will continue to detach the 3 months grown hair and scars too.

Q-STEM CELLS Injection helps in getting Hair back, True?

A- There is no such study that claims this thing. Selling of stem cells on the name of hair treatment is ethically wrong. Recently a study claims that use of stem cells can cause cancer because we do not know the effect of stem cells on different ailments. Whatever the truth may be injections can’t work on genetic problems .If you have genetic baldness than it can only be solved by changing the genetic composition using hair transplantation techniques only.

Q-Will Placing of beard Grafts in the hair hairline cause unnatural look?

A- Yes it will, but the solution is not placing the beard grafts in the starting rows of the hairline. Moreover grafts should be mixed in such a right proportion that it dulls the appearance coarseness.

Q-Is there any need of Treating Transplanted hair differently?

A-During first six months of the surgery, some precautions should be taken wisely. Hair transplantation is a procedure of transplanting hair from one place to another. It brings no change to hair color, length, structure or something else.

Q-Why in case of men medicines yield no results or very little result?

A- Male pattern baldness is a genetic malady hence medicines brings no result or very little results.

Q-Does Climate Condition Affect the Hair transplant surgery? What measures leads to maximum Hair Transplant Results?

A- No, Climate Conditions do not play any role in the hair transplantation technique’s result.

There is no difference. Climatic conditions do not play a role in the type of results you will obtain.

Q-How can one find a good Surgeon?

A- Choosing the physician for cosmetic surgery is the most important decision. Surgeon should be experienced and skilled person in cosmetic surgeries because who you choose is responsible for the natural looking of your new hair for rest of the life.

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