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Best Hair transplant in Mohali , Punjab. Tarinis Hair Transplant Clinic has become synonyms with phrase of Best Hair transplant in Mohali. If your are the one suffering from dilemma caused by hair loss, irrespective of age or gender and on the lookout for the Best Hair transplant in Mohali your search has come to an end with us.Hair Transplant Mohali - TariniAround 100+ satisfied customer bear testimonial to our claim of latest Technology used in Mohali for hair implant. Hair reconstruction is done through latest feather touch technology.

We at Tarinis Hair Transplant Clinic look forward to expect visit from people who desires for value for money proposition combining restoration of smart looks. Your Nightmare of extended hair line or increasing moon size on head has come to an end.

Best Hair Transplant in Mohali Dr. Harsh Kumar

In the arena of hair transplant, The successful surgeon tend to deliver astonishing results in hair restoration combining natural-looking hair density and hairline without revealing noticeable signs of the treatment delivered.

The Technical progression and constant improvements since last decades have contributed greatly towards achieving complete naturalness which has been mastered by Dr. Harsh Kumar a renowned hair surgeon in Mohali putting Tarinis Hair Transplant Clinic into the books of Best Hair transplant North India.

With the specialized technique and hand on precision Dr. Harsh Kumar’s Tarinis hair transplant clinic in Mohali has gained reputation of Mecca of modern hair transplant therapy in north India.

Dr Harsh specialist surgeon for hair replacement in Mohali is passion driven to bring the beauty back to the lives of people and this passion is becoming stronger with every successful surgery since last 15 years. He is M.B.B.S (Gold Medalist) & M.S. (General Surgery)

Explaining hair Transplantation 

Hair transplant is step by step procedure followed through for permanent hair relocation of Healthy hair follicles from donor area to the balding or thinning areas. Rear end of head is used for the hair root extraction as donor are two traditional techniques followed around the world namely FUE and FUT mainly differentiated on the basis of harvesting procedure involved. Though both categorized as surgeries the nature of scar on donor area acts as decisive factor for patient while sorting which methodology to go with.

Being  cost effective Follicular Unit Transplantation also known as strip extraction or (FUT) will leave a narrow linear scar on the back of the head which is not easy to hide whereas little dots termed as micro-scars is all which is left to  be seen under Follicular Unit Extraction or  FUE transplant.

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Transformation Results

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Patient opting for FUE extraction method can maintain any hair style without worrying about the scar to hide. This technology of hair root removal is appropriate desiring to wear very short. It can act as boon for people who want to resume work very soon after procedure without giving any indication of surgery.

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

Follicular unit transplantation or FUT Transplant technique in which hair relocation or in other terms of hair follicular units is performed by removal of a small strip of tissue from the back end of the head. Before being individually transplanted to the recipient areas, harvesting of the hair follicles are carried out from the strip, by a skilled clinical team.Follicular Unit Transplantation - tarini

The team cuts down the donor strip into many individual follicular units, known as grafts, through microscopic dissection techniques. Alongside preparation of follicular unit, the doctor punctures the scalp with tiny holes also called recipient sites, where the grafts are placed.

Hair Surgeon prefers FUT in the eventuality of advanced hair loss, hence capacitating full utilization of the bald scalp area to drive desired results. FUT in particular allows large number of hair grafts to be transplanted in a single session. Thus, providing sufficient 1 and 2 hair grafts creating soft frontal hairline and providing enough 3 and 4 hair grafts for natural looking hair restoration.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant Overview

Follicular unit extraction or FUE is a hair harvesting method or technique of hair extraction by creating small, circular incision around follicular unit (small natural hair groups ) using an instrument containing super refined thin needle. Once hair unit is out only a small hole, approximately 1-mm in size, is what remains on the scalp at the extracted area.

Every extraction carries g out 1, 2, 3 and 4 hair follicular unit. Each of these anatomical units generally contains 1 – to 4 hairs. Great care is required while hair grafting process for less Transection rate(damage to roots or grafts ).

The hair surgeon repeats his process till the required quantity of follicular Units is extracted. The process can run for one or more hours however, the whole session of hair relocation can run for two days depending on size of hair implant. The small wounds can take around seven to ten days to heal, leaving tiny white scars at the donor site.

FUE being time consuming and tedious in nature of this procedure surgeon is often chooses to transplant 1500 to 3500 follicular unit grafts in one Sitting.

Latest Technology in Hair Transplant in Mohali

Robotic Hair Transplant Mohali

FUE is instrument dependent in nature. Therefore, care full choice of tools used in hair restoration is paramount. In fact the most recent development in hair re-growth procedure, for better extraction as well as graft transplant, has become robot assisted.robot-artas-bhhr-hair-transplant-tarini

Robot hair transplant also termed as ‘feather touch technology’. Since it mimics the actual hair growth pattern, results are more natural as compared to traditional FUE. Another advantage of this procedure in contrast to other is that no ‘Human Touch’ is engaged.

Robot assists in harvesting of graft through suction ensuring cut less or undamaged hair roots. Hence, maximum grafting yield is made sure as well surgery trails no major or deep cut. Thus, curtailing recovery time and scars let over to minimal.

Comparison in the traditional F.U.E. technique and In the Robotic hair Implantation technique

  • Transition time:- Transition time taken between hair extractions to hair implantation is vital factor for Success full hair reproduction or hair root survival rate. Robotic hair transplant Procedure reduces the transit time as compared to the current process of FUE, and thus reducing the hypoxia chances of mechanical trauma, physical handling, and chances of desiccation, any infection and grafts getting heated up.
  • Penetration level
    • Traditional FUE -Cutting equipment penetrates up to the top of the hair bulb Resulting loss of more than 15 to 20% follicles.
    • Robotic FUE- Penetration is achieved Through rotating punch up to the level of the superficial dermis. Hence, the result are far more astonishing for hair specialist obtaining 100% intact graft.
  • Angle

Traditional FUE - Angle of penetration is important which is difficult to achieve accurately by manual FUE.

Robotic FUE- The graft obtained is of Optimum graft quality and resulting enormous savings even though the angle of penetration of the punch is not exactly within the axis of the hair.

  • Use of Tweezer (Plucking device)
    • Traditional FUE- In order to pulls out the graft, under Traditional FUE tweezer is used. Thus, increasing the chances of, trauma to the root or possibly leaving the hair bulb in the skin.
    • Robotic FUE- The use of Tweezer has been eradicated almost to the nil as simultaneous suctioning while extracting takes out the entire follicle without any trauma or damage to the graft.

Trarini Hair Transplant Clinic Mohali Recommends Robotic FUE

We recommend the use of robotic follicular unit extraction process because of the revolutionary factors affecting the hair transplant.

  • Atomization in extraction process of follicular unit or hair roots
    With the use of this technology graft yield i.e. is successful hair re-growth of implanted grafts becomes categorically best due to non human intervention or less likely hood of environmental contamination.
  • ‘Feather Touch Technology’ in hair transplant increases Graft Yield Rate

Feather touch hair Implantation technique put no stress on graft as well highest success rate of hair implant (graft) is ensured because no roots touch (root is kept intact) happens during progress. Hence, generates 99% graft yield which approximately 15% higher than traditional FUE.

  • Increased Accuracy through advanced technology in hair reconstruction
    The introduction of Robot in hair transplanting procedures increases the accuracy of hair reconstruction. This is achieved through precise suction and rotational punch force, while extracting hair follicles (hair roots) unit along with generating exact pressure for the hair implantation.
  • Speeding up the hair transplant procedure
    The resultant use of robotic procedure in FUE decreases the surgery time involvement for both patient and surgeon, thus maximizing the patient comfort and less fatigue for hair transplant specialist.
  • Transparent hair reconstruction procedure

Tarinis make sure 100% transparency rate is maintained through the process. We endeavourers faith of our patients towards us. “Graft Counter” helps providing virtual result through which number of grafts used can monitored at the time of procedure. A real picture is represented to patient on Number of grafts promised and implanted.

  • Transection Rate is reduced
    Transection rate is the rate graft destruction while hair extraction. Robotic hair reconstruction offers to claim the minimum transection rate 3% in comparison to Traditional FUE which varies between 15-20%.

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