Hair Growth Specialist in Chandigarh

Hair Growth Specialist in Chandigarh:Dr. Harsh Kumar is one of the best Hair Growth Specialist in Chandigarh. He is good in all types of elective and emergency surgeries. He is best Hair Growth Specialist in Chandigarh.

The health of your hair and scalp volumes is depends on yours internal balance. What kind of food you have? Also some factors such as excessive use of medicine, illness, weather changes, poor diet and bad circulation are the main causes behind issue like hair fall, dandruff and damaged hair.Another reasons like pollution, stress and busy lifestyle.

Reasons of Hair Fall- Hair Growth Specialist in Chandigarh

Hair grow in three different cycles

  • Anagen
  • Catagen
  • Telogen

Many people lose anywhere from 100 to 150 strands of hair each day. When hair is washed, people can lose up to 300 strands. Hair loss is a common problem for both men and women.Hair loss is a not a disease, it can be indication of an underlying problem.It is always a good idea to consult a doctor. Hair loss can be due to other reasons such as the water, the environment, stress and so on.

  • Lack of protein

If you are not having proper food and do not get enough protein in your diet then it is also a reason of hair loss.

  • Heredity

Hair loss is depending on which type of family you belong to?

  • Emotional stress

Emotional stress such as Divorce, death of near or dear ones, exams pressure, business pressure, fight with friend and so on. This is also the reason of hair loss.

  • Dramatic weight loss

Suddenly you lose your weight, it also cause of thinning hair.If you are losing your weight then automatically it will effect on your hair too.

  • Medical and other conditions

There are some medical conditions, which really effect on your hair. It will damage your hair as well as stop hair growth. There are so many condition comes up when you have problem with your hair.

Food for Healthy Hair- Hair Growth Specialist in Chandigarh

  • Salmon for Shine

Hair Growth Specialist in Chandigarh

If you are non vegetarian then have salmon fish. They help protect you from disease and also give shine to your hair.

  • Spinach to Battle Brittle Hair

Hair Growth Specialist in Chandigarh

Spinach is full of amazing nutrients. It has tons of vitamins C. They keep your hair moisturized so it does not break. These work together for healthy scalp.

Hair Transplant Results

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Transformation Results

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  • Guava to Prevent Breakage

Hair Growth Specialist in Chandigarh

This fruit brims with vitamin C. it protects your hair from Breaking. One cup of Guava has 377 milligrams of vitamin C.

  • Eggs for Growth

Hair Growth Specialist in Chandigarh

Your protein and iron bases are covered when you eat eggs. They are rich in a B vitamin called biotin that helps hair grow.

Hair Growth Procedure

Hair Growth Specialist in Chandigarh

The hair transplant procedure involves taking four to seven hairs or micro (3 to 4 hairs) grafts. It will take time to recover. The number of required sessions will vary from patient, depending on the extent of the hair loss.Approximately 50 to 1100 grafts can be transplanted during a session, which can last up to four hours to complete. Tarini give you best service of hair growth transplant. Services are reasonable. Dr. Harsh Kumar is one of the best surgeon in Chandigarh. Once the hair transplanted, it must rest. Growth of hair will appears after 13 weeks.

The procedure is usually painless and is done under our specialists. Some complications that can occur include.

  • Swelling and infection, this is treated with medication.
  • Bleeding, this is controlled by pressure.
  • Temporary numberless, this will usually end within three to six months.

After Hair Growth Treatment

Hair Growth Specialist in Chandigarh

 After this procedure you will see your new hair line immediately, but it will take a while longer for you to reap the benefits of your final results. As we know everyone’s hair is different, meaning the exact process you will go through to see your results soon. Your hair will grow as they need time because it is not a magic process that you will get your hair back soon. It will take time so do not worry may be you will suffer from some pain but this pain give you best results.

 Your hair will grow at the same rate it did prior to being transplanted. Most patients will find they shed some of the newly transplanted hairs 3 to 4 weeks after procedure;this will happen,all because of your blood supply.

Your new hair line will be visible immediately, but the final results will not be visible until the hair has re grown fully a few months after treatment.


If you are having problem with hair growth then do not wait contact to Tarini's clinic.We have lots of services, which really attract you; we have easy solution for Hair Growth.

We will give you good advice and good services. Tarini is India’s best Hair Growth specialist in Chandigarh. Services are affordable and doctors are certified. Dr. Harsh Kumar is an M.B.B.S (Gold Medalist) and M.S (General Surgery).

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