Hair Loss Treatment For Men in Chandigarh

Hair Loss treatment For Men in Chandigarh - Tarini Hair Transplant Clinic provides Best Hair Loss Treatment For Men in Chandigarh. Proving both FUE & FUT techniques makes Dr. Harsh Kumar best cosmetic surgeon of hair Loss treatment For Men in Chandigarh.

Hair Loss Treatment for Men in Chandigarh - Hair Loss in Men

Hair Loss is the top most sigh that signifies the Today’s fast going stressful life. An average human head contain hair between 1 to 1.5 lakhs. Loosing approximately 60 to 100 hair everyday is a very common phenomenon. But some people experience more hair loss. If you start losing more than 100 hair per day than it is a matter of concern. Passing with time, everyday’s hair loss becomes the reason of depression and low self confidence.

Hair Loss Treatment for Men in Chandigarh

Following is the Normal Hair Loss Cycle to understand why & how hair loss occurs.

An individual’s hair growth depends on many factors like his/her age, health, genes, hormones, illness, mental health and much more.

Hair Growth Cycle: Each hair passes through following 3 stages of hair cycle:

  1. Growth Phase called Anagen: This phase lasts for 2-6 years and almost 90% of the hair are always in growing phase. Least ½ inch hair grows every month.
  2. Transitional phase called Catagen: This phase lasts for 2-4 weeks and after this hair follicle tends to shrink to the length of 1/6
  3. Resting Phase called Telogen:This phase lasts for 5-6 weeks and in this phase 10-15% of human hair are in Resting phase at one moment of time. On the ending of Telogen phase, the hair fall and new hair follicle restarts the Anagen phase and begin to grow. New hair pushed out the old hair, if it does not shed.

Means each and every hair grows for 3 to 6 years, than enters the resting phase, and falls. A new hair begins to grow in the place of fallen one. Human Baldness occurs when we experience hair fall, but new hair does not grow in its place.

Hair Loss Treatment for Men in Chandigarh - Reasons behind Excessive Hair Loss

Temporary Hair Loss-

  • There are many reasons behind hair loss. Example, After 2 to 3 months of major illness or injury an individual may experiences excessive hair loss. This hair loss is temporary because it is caused due to stress of illness.
  • Most common reason is Hormonal imbalance. If glands like thyroid gland is underactive or may be over active this leads to excessive hair loss. Androgens and Estrogens are male and female hormones which highly responsible for hair loss. Treating the hormones may stop your loss of hair.
  • Medicines- Type of medicines like anticoagulants example blood thinners, chemotherapy medicines used to treat cancer, Pills like anti depressants and birth control pills. When the person stop taking medicines, hair fall stops.
  • Infections- Fungal infections of scalp leads to excessive hair loss. Can be treated by antifungal medicines.

Hair loss may be the early sign of any kind of disease hence treatment is necessary.

Permanent Hair Loss-

Androgenetic alopecia: Can be seen in both males and females but main reason for the men baldness. Androgenetic alopecia is related to DHT (Di hydro testosterone). Hair that present on the top of the scalp is more likely to thin or die when get exposed to DHT hormone. Hair on the sides of the scalp generally resist the effect of DHT hormone, this is the reason why men experience more baldness on the top scalp.

Best Hair Loss Treatment for Men in Chandigarh – Male Pattern Baldness: Baldness with different pattern occurs because of the sensitivity or reaction of hair to the Testosterone (male hormone). Baldness occur maximum in those men who inherit this trait genetically. Testosterone destroys the hair cells that are responsible for the hair root’s growth. Testosterone’s affected hair start getting thinner and growth also affected, than die and fall off. More extensive baldness occurs in those men who start experiencing hair fall at early age.

Male-pattern Baldness symbolizes the hair loss in a hair line and baldness on the top area of the head, but the hair on the sides & back of scalp are resistant to the Testosterone.

Following are the classification system used to categorize the baldness in Men

  • Type1Type 1 - Very Less and no hair line recession-It is Not Balding and represents minimal hairline.
  • Type 2Type 2 - Triangular and Symmetrical baldness. Hair growth Recession occurs at the front of hairline. Represents mature hair line.
  • Type 3Type 3 - Earliest stage of male Baldness. This Baldness generally characterized by the deep Hair recession.
  • Type 4Type 4 - Further loss of Frontal hair takes place results inn enlargement of head vertex. But a solid area of hair on the top of the head, separating frontal and vertex head still remains.
  • Type 5Type 5 – Further Enlargement of baldness in the front and crown area of the head takes place. The hair bridge that joins the head began to splitting in two areas. Hair on the sides of the head , remains unaffected.
  • Type 6Type 6 – Hair connecting bridge disappears till now and leaves behind a large bald area on the front as well as on the top of the scalp. Unaffected Hair on the sides and back of the scalp remains high.
  • Type 7Type 7- Hair Connecting Bridge disappears totally, leaving behind a single large baldness area on the top and front area of the scalp. Strength of the side hair remains high.

Hair Loss Treatment For Men in Chandigarh - Why Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant Treatment considered being the most effective, reliable and fast way for restoring your precious hair, Because Hair Transplantation is a permanent solution to your hair loss problem. Hair Transplant is a cosmetic surgical procedure to treat your hair baldness.

Dr. Harsh Kumar Gold Medalist in M.B.B.S & M.S. with more than fifteen years of experience excels the Hair transplantation surgery. Hence provides best hair loss treatment for men in Chandigarh.

Dr. Harsh Kumar takes the small patch of hair from the donor area (back or sides of the head) and relocates them to the bald area of the head. Dr. Harsh Kumar provides both FUE & FUT techniques for treating your baldness.

Dr. Harsh Kumar also uses the Scalp Reduction Technique. This technique involves the removing of hairless scalp and then stretching of the covered area scalp to/over the removed scalp takes place.  

Must come and meet Dr. Harsh Kumar for best hair loss treatment.

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