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pain in hair transplant surgeryFour letter word….. PAIN! It is the most important issue weighting in the patient’s mind before the Hair Transplant Treatment. But everyone take it in a wrong way. In this article we are going to talk about Pain.

Patients are Plagued with so many following Questions regarding pain in Hair transplant Procedures and want Satisfactory answers before embarking in the Journey of FUE Hair Transplant Procedure – How I feel after first Anaesthesia before Hair Transplant procedure? Does it actually pain a lot during the Hair Transplant Procedure? Will it pain a lot after the following days of the Hair Transplant Treatment? How long does the effect of Anaesthesia will remain after the Hair Transplant?

Is there is any Painless Hair Transplant Technique? Is it true that FUE Hair Transplant Technique causes lesser Pain?

Painful Aspects in Hair Transplant Treatment are the Injections into the scalp to numb the area that is going to be treated. We can compare this pain to the pain of needle that is injected into the gums to numb the area in order to pull out the Tooth. In addition, after the numbing wear off Swelling and Paining is very common thing in Hair Transplant Procedure and Skull feels very unusual for some weeks.

Painful Hair Transplant Techniques is a thing of Past now. With the Advancement of Medicines and Technology, Hair Restoration Surgeons have started searching and developing new better Techniques that effectively eliminates the Pain that associated with the Procedures. The Advanced Hair Transplant Techniques uses the Follicular Units in order to oppose the large area of tissues for the Donor Hair Grafts. This way surely cut down the pain to larger extent. Time is on when you easily deals with your Hair Problems and can enjoy your youthful appearance without worrying about the pain associated with the procedures.

At Tarinis Hair Transplant Clinic we have Operating Procedures and Stringent Measures to lessen the procedure’s Pain as every Patient does not possess same Tolerance power.

Only Pain is not the matter of Concern in Hair Transplant, Pain further causes Host of problems such as increase in bleeding and Popping out of grafts that further results in the poor survival rate of hair Grafts.

In order to avoid all these problems and to deliver pleasant Hair Transplant Treatment to our Clients Tarinis Hair Transplant Clinic is the first Hair Transplant center to embark the Stringent pain free Protocols for the Hair Transplant Procedures. Dr. Harsh Kumar is an expert surgeon that patented Painless Hair Transplant Techniques with the help of Modern Time Tested Anaesthesia along with Kowloon Chinese Pressure Therapy. In or clinic, Prospective Clients are also encouraged before taking the End decision if “procedure Pain“ is big concern for them. We are too good to be true that Tarinis Hair Transplant Clinic will Promise and Guarantee the minimal pain hair transplant procedures. Our pain control Stimulus is remarkably good.

Dr. Harsh Kumar along with his hair restoration team of experts will be able to bring pain out of the entire Hair Transplant Procedure. We will bring desired results to you without the feeling of discomfort or pain. Our Techniques that involved in procedure entails minimal feeling of tolerable discomfort which can be felt only at the time of injections. You will be pain free and relaxed during the entire hair transplant procedure. After procedure you will be ready to go back in your normal day today life activities.

There is a saying that “NO PAIN NO GAIN”, but it has been rendered a mere oxymoron with Dr Harsh Kumar’s pain free Hair Transplant methods. With Us you can gain without pain.

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