Do I Have to Shave My Head Completely for FUE Hair Transplant?

In Today’s world, Hair Transplantation has become the most effective & reliable procedure for restoring hair. The Fact is Hair Transplantation is a permanent solution to your hair loss problems. Hair Transplantation procedures bring natural looking and permanent results. Hair Transplantation is a process of micro grafts in which seamless transition is created that result in totally soft, natural looking hair.Do I Have to Shave My Head Completely for FUE Hair Transplant - TARINI

Many people now days are looking for Hair Transplant Surgery for their Hair problems. They are very anxious about preparing for a hair transplant procedures. Hair Loss problems are challenging enough, but the thought of shave off all the hair in preparation for Hair Transplantation can be a cause for concern for some of them.

Hair Transplant Surgery Patients generally asked Do I Have to Shave My Head Completely for FUE Hair Transplant?

Is there is any need to shave your hair and especially how much of the hair should need to be shaved prior to an FUE (follicular unit extraction) Hair Transplant procedure. It depends on the extent of the person’s Hair Loss or what specific type of transplantation procedure is taking place. It is very important to consult with your hair specialist/ Surgeon in order to make a right decision regarding your particular case.

You asked about a no shave FUE hair transplant…

There are two specific areas of the scalp to shave with FUE- Donor zone and Recipient zone.

Do I Have to Shave My Head Completely for FUE Hair Transplant - TARINIRecipient area is never ever going to be shaved. The area at the front of the head or the crown of the scalp is generally the recipient sites, will not need to be shaved at all. But in some cases doctors shave the recipient zone to mimic the natural angle and direction of native hairs… and achieve the most natural results possible.

We shave the donor zone to better visualize the angle of the hairs and minimize transaction .The donor area which is usually at the back and sides of the scalp may need to be cut very closely to the scalp or may be needed to be fully shaved. Shaving the donor zone prevents the over harvesting. This occurs when large numbers of grafts are harvested from a small area.

In some cases, when number of extracted hair from donor site is larger than the doctors recommends the patients to grow their hair longer on the donor sites. The purpose behind this is it will provide more coverage for a strip that will be shaved underneath in preparation for the FUE procedure.

The Hair Loss extent of the recipient site indicates regarding how many follicular units should be extracted from the donor site. About 2000 to 2500 follicular units will provide enough coverage for hair loss on the crown area. Around1000 to 1500 follicular units will be enough to create an attractive hairline and also for the frontal area of the scalp.

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If Surgeon wishes to collect 2000 to 2500 Hair follicular units, then you will have to shave the entire back and sides of your scalp. Only a strip of hair at the back will be shaved to extract a smaller number of follicular units.

Doctor Assured you that recovery from the Hair Transplant Procedure can be as little as two to three days – after that point you can take hair shower, resume normal activities, and even get back to your workplace but keep in mind the recommended precautions. The surgery healing process will take a little longer time – perhaps fifteen days before the scabs fall off, leaving behind a fully healed natural looking scalp. After this, it is just a matter of waiting for the newly transplanted healthy hair to go through the natural phases of the hair growth cycle. Now you will begin to develop a fuller head of hair.

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