Top 6 Ways to Mislead a Hair Transplant Patient 

Want to have hair transplant but so much confused about information? Have no ideas what to believe?

Confusion is normal as with the introduction of latest microscopic FUE and FUT techniques, the large number of clinics flooding the market of hair transplant all of the sudden. Competition in hair transplantation field is kept on expanding than ever before. Increased competition brings unique requirements of marketing plus selling channels.

  1. Like every business, most of the Clinics also hire MBA employees to market themselves. It is not necessary that these MBA employees are well versed with the ethics of medical science. Hence we can say that today medical scruples got no meaning. Surgical Clinics should be judged on the basis of good, consistent results, proper trained staff, and international standards of hygiene. Presence of doctor during the surgical process is a big concern. Doctor do the surgical procedure by himself or he all his technicians to do the hair transplant surgery should be checked. Only thing that matter is experience of the clinic staff and the actual result determined by them.
  2. Sometimes companies distract the patient from doing the proper search on surgery for the sake of selling and advertising their products like lasers, medicines, stem cells and much more. In reality they got nothing or very little to do with actual results.

       They only want to attract the client by the combination of following reasons

  • We got modified version of FUE
  • We use only “the robot”
  • Proper care of grafts is taken, can’t let them out of the body for long time
  • Provide painless experience
  • Use of Bio-FUE
  • “Stem cell” transplantation is used
  1. The processes that use punches to remove hair follicles are not FUE technique. Some Clinics claims that this procedure has high survival rate of hair graft & consistency than old traditional FUE methods. The problem is these procedures are not FUE at all. These are just outdated traditional punch graft surgery. There is no evidence that these punching procedures are better than modified FUE microscopic grafted techniques.
  2. It is obvious that the robot is not going to be experienced as the FUE surgeon who does hair transplant surgeries daily. If we talk about who is using the “robot” than the answer is only the most successful FUE & FUT techniques. But mind this thing, the skill of the robot remains inferior as compared to the experience, eye and hand coordination, skills to that of surgeon.

Practice makes perfect and a robot cannot harvest as good and skillfully as experienced FUE surgeon. Moreover the placing hair grafts skills of the robot are up to kindergarten level. Many clinics and companies attract and engage their clients by telling them that they simultaneously relocate the harvested grafts, without keeping grafts outside the body for longer time. They claims that by doing this, graft’s survival rate and consistency increase results in better hair growth. But in reality the (OOBT) out of body time of a harvested graft is 3 hours.

  1. Most of the clinics/companies do the harvesting which is the most important as well as crucial phase of hair transplant surgery that’s why they totally sedate their patient. But in reality the local anesthesia should be enough strong to completely numb the only donor and recipient area of the body at least up to 10 hours. A good surgical anesthetic hair transplanted technique should not need to anesthetize the patient completely. Only licensed doctor should be allowed to make a cut on the body skin.
  2. Non – surgical procedures such as Bio FUE, Stem Cell medicines, Lasers, and PRP etc are also there. But these are less than obvious benefit techniques. The clinics are offering these techniques only because competition is increasing and they just want to build and maintain their dropping revenues.

These are the top most ways to Mislead patients that we presented. If you have any query regarding any of the hair transplantation technique and procedure please contact us without hesitating. We guide you the best and help you in finding the right solution to your hair problems even if it is not in our own surgical clinic.

There are more ways to mislead patients than I have presented here but these are the methods that have caught my attention of late. If you have questions about any particular method or procedure you have read about please don’t hesitate to contact me. I answer each email myself and I’m happy to help you find the right solution even if it is not in my own clinic. For us care comes First and we are here for your better health.

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